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FAQ: Why Do I Need Your Service?

Why do I need your service? Can't I just call my Realtor or Lender to find out what the property is worth?

Please do call them! See what happens! If you're like me, you'll be infuriated by the answers, or lack there of, that you get. You'll waste $1,000's and a month of your life and wish you had used our service first!

What your Realtor will tell you is that the value of the property is based on a Comparative Market Analysis ("comps") of similar properties that have recently sold in the area. Comps need to be within the last 3 months, within 1 mile of the subject property and be of like kind.

But what your Realtor won't tell you is that with commercial property it is ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE to determine the value of the property based on these "comps." Why is that? Because there are so few similar commercial properties in any given metropolitan area that finding suitable comps is very difficult!

With residential real estate, finding comps is easy because there are so many similar properties in any given 1 mile radius. For example, my 3 bedroom 2 bath single family house built in 1990, half a mile away from your 3 bedroom 2 bath house build in 1989 is going to be worth about the same amount.

However, with commercial property, a 12 unit apartment building built in 1947 that needs $100,000 in rehab work IS IN NO way similar to a 23 unit apartment building built in 1985 that has been meticulously maintained and needs no rehab work at all and that is 3 miles away! There is no way you can compare those two! So what do you do? How do you determine what the value of the property really is?

The only way to determine the true value of any commercial property is to use the elaborate mathematical equation that banks and lending institutions have been using for the past 100 years. What none of them want you to know though is that this equation exists...and that YOU can use it too!

I discovered this complex mathematical equation after spending $7000 on Real Estate Investing training from the #1 leader in the industry, Robert Allen, and after working one-on-one with a mentor for 2 years that had worked in the Commercial Loan Industry for over a dozen years. You too can have this well-guarded mathematical secret if you spend $7,000 on training and 2 years of your life working with an industry expert mentor....or you can use our easy online service that does all the math for you.

So, if banking and lending institutions use this equation every day, why don't I just call one up and ask them for it? Again, go ahead and try! I did and got the run around so many times I got dizzy! No one wanted to tell me what the formula for this complex equation was...or that one even existed!

Every lender I asked told me that they have no "secret equation" for quickly and easily determining the value of a property and that they left that up to professional appraisers, which cost $1,000 to $7,000 depending on the size of the property.

My Commercial Loan mentor broke the silence and shared with me this secret mathematical equation that lenders use EVERY DAY to quickly and easily determine the value of commercial property. He shared with me that ONLY the actual "loan approvers" are privy to this secret mathematical equation and that my calls to lenders were in vain because not everyone in the industry is aware that it even exists.

Doesn't it make sense that you should use this equation BEFORE you make an offer on a property? Imagine spending a month of your life getting a property under contract...paying $3,000 for an appraisal...$1,000 on building inspections and bank fees...only to have the bank tell you..."Sorry, but we will only loan you 70% of the price you have agreed to buy the property for, because that's all WE feel the property is worth."

How would you like to spend $4,000 and a whole month of your life only to find out that the property isn't worth what the seller wants?! And that the bank won't loan you more than 70% of "what they feel" the value is?! Like me, you would feel HORRIBLE! And you'd feel damn ANGRY!

So, why don't they just share with you this complex, secret mathematical equation? Wouldn't it make life easier for everyone? Because, as my mentor put it, if they did, you wouldn't bring as many deals their way because you wouldn't pursue as many deals.

They'd rather you bring deals their way blindly so that they are GUARANTEED to get their fees and so they can then sell you a MUCH MORE EXPENSIVE second mortgage! Plus, explaining the equation is very difficult and time consuming! Lenders want to lend money, not teach people how to use Trigonometry.

I feel just the opposite about the whole matter! I want to empower you to know the value of the property BEFORE you spend any time and money on visiting the property, interviewing tenants, negotiating with the seller, reviewing the rent roll and past years expenses, getting a building inspection, a termite inspection, an expensive professional appraisal, etc.

So, save yourself a month of time and $1,000's and always use our service 1st!

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Notice To Lenders & Realtors: Don't bother sending me hate mail. I already receive enough of it! I know it drives you crazy that your secret is out, but get over it! By the way, I'm tracking your IP address so I'll know who sent it!

Will I Sell You The Equation? Sure! I'll even save you the 2 years time it took me to learn it. Just send me $7,000 and it's all yours!

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