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With over 4,000 visitors a day looking for commercial real estate appraisers, there is no better place to be listed than the Commercial Property Appraisal directory.

Benefits of Joining Our Appraiser Directory

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  • Reach over 4,000 visitors a day.
  • Industry leading #1 position ensures high quality traffic.
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Features of Your Appraiser Directory Listing

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  • Unlimited listing updates at no extra cost.
  • Unlimited click-throughs at no extra cost.
  • Free visitor statistics show you your listing is working.
  • Receive real-time commercial appraisal requests via email.
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Appraiser Directory Listing Prices

1 country, 1 state/province and...

  • 1-5 counties - Basic Listing: $480 per year
  • 1-5 counties - BOLD Listing: $720 per year
  • 1-5 counties - BOLD + Yellow Star Yellow Star Listing: $960 per year

  • 6-15 counties - Basic Listing: $720 per year
  • 6-15 counties - BOLD Listing: $960 per year
  • 6-15 counties - BOLD + Yellow Star Yellow Star Listing: $1200 per year

  • 16+ counties - Basic Listing: $960 per year
  • 16+ counties - BOLD Listing: $1200 per year
  • 16+ counties - BOLD + Yellow Star Yellow Star Listing: $1440 per year


Yellow Star Advantage

  • Yellow Star Yellow Star listings appear above listings with no stars
  • BOLD listings appear above basic listings
  • Basic listings appear last

  • All listings within one category (i.e. yellow star listings) will be displayed in a random order each and every time the page is viewed. This is to ensure that everyone in that category gets equal amount of time at the top of the category.



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